How To Choose a Necklace According To My Morphology?

A feminine accessory essential to complete an outfit, the necklace is most often chosen at the favorite, the flash, simply hoping that it will pose well. There are a few general rules that you must however trot in a corner of your head before clicking on "order"!

And yes, by playing a little on the shapes (choker, chain, torque...) on the lengths (necklaces, long necklaces, half-lengths...), on the stitches (flexible or rigid, thin or wide...) this jewel has the power to highlight your silhouette... but also to underline your little flaws!

Because it draws attention to your neck, décolleté, but also to your chin and more generally to your face, ask yourself before buying a choker, necklace or any other necklace, which part of your body you want to highlight... and which part you would prefer not to be overlooked!

The final goal is of course to find the jewel whose length, shape and size will best fit your morphology! The right necklace is the one that will enhance your silhouette in all circumstances!

So, which necklace for which morphology? Here are a few answers!

You have a rather short neck?

Favour long or half-long necklaces and avoid necklaces that are too short like the "ras du cou"! Rosaries, long chains or other lavaliere will lengthen your neck and your silhouette. Princesses" (i.e. necklaces that fall just below the clavicles) can also suit you, provided you choose them thin and delicate.


Do you have a fine and long neck?

Lucky you! For you the question doesn't even arise! Necklaces with a short neck will suit you perfectly and you can allow yourself all types of necklaces: pendant necklace, uniform, "princess", "dog" collar or "opera" necklace (these are the collars that go down below the chest)... Have fun, you have a lot of choices!


Are you small in stature?

Size plays an important role in choosing the right necklace. If you're rather small, prefer the "princess" style necklaces and avoid long necklaces. The necklaces that suit you best are the ones whose length stops at the birth of the chest. Also, it is perhaps preferable to choose delicate models with rather fine stitches and charms.


Do you have a rather strong build?

Choose long necklaces combined with imposing pendants. Avoid pendants that are too discreet, which will appear tiny on your well-built silhouette. In theory, short, overloaded breastplates and necklaces should be avoided. Long multi-effect long necklaces are perfect for your morphology, they will restore the exuberance that nature has provided you with.


Do you have generous shapes?

Nature has endowed you with impressive assets? Favor flat, thin necklaces that lie discreetly on your skin and avoid models that are too imposing, as they may weigh down your figure. If you have a generous bust, prefer single and mid-length necklaces and avoid multi-chain necklaces.

Now that we have established these generalities, we must insist on one point: What if the ideal necklace is simply the one that makes you feel beautiful as well as being a favorite? The physique is one thing, but isn't the confidence and elegance of a woman who feels beautiful the most attractive and appealing thing after all? To meditate on!