How To Wear A Pink Dress With Style?

Pink is the feminine color par excellence. Adored from an early age by little girls, the pink dress plunges its owner into a world of softness and nostalgia. It is the color in which we dream of being a woman, soft and sensual. The pink dress has everything to please.

This season the color pink is more trendy than ever and is now as punchy as it is romantic. You can find raspberry pink, salmon pink, almond pink or fuchsia pink dresses in short or long dresses versions.

The whole pink palette is invited in our wardrobes for looks that adapt to any situation: a romantic dinner, a chic evening, a trip with friends, an office look. It's very simple, the pink dress is a passe-partout!

With its romantic color, the powder pink dress also invites itself in the ceremonial outfits: wedding, baptism etc...

But beware, to remain feminine and chic, the pink dress must be well accessorized! How to wear a pink dress with style? Which pink dress is right for you? How to accessorize a pink dress?

Della gives you all the best tips on how to wear a pink dress with taste.


The Pink Dress: A Key Trend For 2021

Pink is one of the flagship colors for 2021.

Some designers have opted for a punchy adaptation with flashy, tangy pink, while others have relied on old pink and its pastel shades to create romantic looks.

Whether you like the bucolic spirit of powder pink or its fresh, summery shade of fuchsia, there are a few rules to consider before wearing a pink dress.

If you're looking to get a modern and trendy look with your pink dress, here's what to keep in mind:

  • Choose a pink that suits your skin and hair color.
  • Match your pink dress with the right colors.
  • Mix your pink dress with trendy pieces.
  • Dosage your makeup according to the color of your dress.

Soak up the looks of bloggers and influencers. Social networks are full of look inspirations and this summer pink dress is everywhere.


How To Choose A Pink Dress?

Every skin tone has its colors. Pink comes in different shades from powder pink to flashy pink, pale pink, fuchsia pink, old pink, peach pink and more.

Some basic rules with the color pink:

  • Light pink colors such as pastel pink or powder pink are ideal for blonde women.
  • For brunettes and women with brown hair, you can wear dark pink: flashy or punchy, dare to wear pink!
  • Wear your pink dress with a neutral color to soften the candy and girly aspect of pink: white, black, grey etc.
  • Dare to wear pink cameos for a trendy look.


How To Accessorize A Pink Dress?

In the collective unconscious, pink is the color of little girls, dolls, almonds or candy of yesteryear.

To break the image of the wise little girl associated with the pale pink color, it is very important to choose a modern cut and to accessorize your outfit.

In the same way, if your dress is fuchsia pink, you'll have to soften your look thanks to your accessories to avoid fashion faux-pas.

Which Shoes With A Pink Dress?


Rule number 1: Wear your pink dress with trendy and contemporary shoes!

  • Mix your fuchsia pink dress with colorful Dad Shoes for a 100% tangy streetstyle look!
  • Opt for biker boots to give a rocking touch to your outfit.
  • Dare to mix styles!
  • Opt for nude baby shoes with a trapeze or babydoll dress for a sixties look.

Whether you go for a pale pink or a tangy pink, your shoes will soften or upgrade your outfit. They will set the overall tone of your look by enhancing your dress and adding a touch of style.


Which Color To Wear With Pink?

If you wear a powder pink dress: opt for nude, silver, gold shoes...

If your dress is fuchsia pink: opt for black, grey, purple shoes or for a pink one shade below or above your pink dress.

Which jacket with a pink dress?

Jeans, perfecto, blazer, many jackets go perfectly with a pink dress. Opt for a modern piece that adds character to your outfit.


  • For a chic outfit, a blazer is a very good option.
  • For a casual summer outfit, the denim jacket is perfect with a pink dress.
  • For a trendy outfit, the perfecto brings a touch of modernity with its rock spirit. A nice contrast with the soft color of light pink.


Which Accessories With A Pink Dress?


If you are going to a wedding, wear a clutch with your pink dress. Opt for a minaudière or a pocket with golden sequins for an elegant outfit.

If you wear a pink dress for a casual style, opt for a wicker basket, a tote bag, a discreet bag.

If you're more of an ultra-colored pink dress, dare to wear a colored bag in another more discreet shade of pink. You can also choose a black, grey or burgundy bag to discreetly sublimate your outfit.

What Makeup With A Pink Dress?

If your dress is pale pink, the ideal is to opt for a discreet makeup. The nude makeup will particularly well highlight an old pink or powder pink dress.

If your dress is fuchsia, you'll have to put a little more makeup on so you don't look bland in your flashy dress! One of the first things to do when choosing your makeup with a fuchsia pink dress is to highlight the complexion for a healthy glow. Sublimate your cheekbones with a pretty blush and don't forget to make up your eyes with eyeliner and mascara. Be careful not to apply too much makeup either, or you might look like a doll.


In Summary

Pink dresses are incredibly feminine.


  • If you are blonde, opt for a soft pink.
  • If you are brown or brunette, you can wear anything!
  • Mix your pink dress with trendy accessories.
  • Dare the pink shades for a total contemporary pink look.
  • Nude is very pretty with a pink dress.
  • Gold and silver also go perfectly with pink.
  • Be careful with your makeup with this already very girly dress color.

Happy Shopping!