How to Wear A Sleeveless Dress In Winter?

Sleeveless Dresses Are Elegant, Even In Winter

Wearing a sleeveless dress in the middle of winter is a crazy idea! But it's not. Wearing certain outfits usually reserved for summer in winter is possible. Dresses are not reserved only for summer! The proof, in stores or even on online clothing stores, it is possible to find dresses, especially sleeveless dresses, to wear even in winter. Be careful, however, this will not make the sun come... Mademoiselle Grenade gives you her advice on how to wear a sleeveless dress in winter.

Advantages Of A Sleeveless Dress In Winter

With a T-shirt underneath or a waistcoat on top, the sleeveless dress can be worn even in winter. You don't need to have a selection of summer and winter dresses in your wardrobe that you only wear for a few months of the year. Many items worn in summer can be useful in winter, provided they go well with them. But by the way, why wear a sleeveless dress in winter?

To give more lightness to your silhouette. The principle for dressing well in winter without being cold is simple: layers must be superimposed. Problem, if you wear an outfit with thick sleeves underneath your cardigan or cardigan, your arms will look "swollen". Without sleeves, you don't make your overall figure look heavy. Yes, the sleeveless dress becomes a solution to look thinner.

To bring a real dynamism to a classic piece in winter! If you wear straight dresses or dresses with a thick fabric, a sleeveless version will be ideal to break this excess of classicism. As mentioned in the previous point, a small cardigan or a jacket will protect your shoulders and arms from the cold and give "liveliness".

Are you convinced that a sleeveless dress can be an asset in winter? Then let's see how to wear it more precisely.


Wearing A Dress In Winter, A Question of What You Wear It With!


For the sleeveless dress to be perfectly adapted to very low temperatures, you have to play on the right combination of parts. You must become queen in the art of layering. Dare! Mix textures and colors. Combine a thin, tight garment (such as a top or a pretty fitted jacket) with a looser, straighter piece (such as the dress). You'll see that the layering game isn't that complicated. The rule is clear, you have to do some tests, and even dare to make complementarities which, at first sight, may seem crazy. Be aware that not all sleeveless summer dresses are to be worn in winter!

Wear your flowing summer dresses as long as their material is thick enough and protective. No cotton, too thin;

Don't wear your dresses too short! Obviously, you need a little length to protect yourself: at least at knee level;

Finally, you should know that there are dresses designed for winter. It is the case for example of this knitted sweater tunic dress.

Happy Shopping!