How To Wear A Trench Coat?

The Trench Coat: A Must-Have In Your Wardrobe

Just as jeans will always be in your wardrobe, classic shoes will never be missing from your wardrobe and a little black dress will always lend a hand on any occasion, the trench coat should be a permanent resident of your wardrobe. The trench coat is an essential basic, ideal for a city outing when the autumn wind or spring rain is blowing in. So, for any authentic woman who wants to look chic in any weather, it is necessary to invest in a trench coat. DELLA has depicted for you the subtleties of the trench coat and has guided you in choosing the perfect trench coat shape to suit your figure. It is now necessary to give you some advice on how to wear your favorite trench coat with style and elegance.

Now that you know which type of trench coat is best suited to flatter your figure, it's high time to dive into the wonderful world of color combinations, highlight your assets. Mademoiselle Grenade gives you her advice to create your perfect outfit with your magnificent trench coat.

First of all, before you buy a trench coat, make sure you have the right clothes in your wardrobe. If casual and sportswear pieces predominate, then the trench coat will not fit perfectly. On the other hand, classic and chic styles fit perfectly with this mythical piece and even create a space dedicated to your "special trench" looks in your wardrobe.

A fitted trench coat will look better worn fully buttoned and with the belt attached. However, if you decide to wear it open, we simply advise you to pay attention to your belt which can quickly give you a neglected look if it is loose. A trench coat with a trapezoid cut can be worn buttoned or not and will allow you to display a casual yet elegant style.

The trench coat, universal outerwear, is not only multi-functional but also very versatile. It can easily be combined with a wide range of garments. You can wear them with trousers, overalls, skirts, dresses and even shorts. However, that doesn't mean you can wear it all, anyhow. There are a few rules (although, as always, they can also be transgressed):

  • When combining your trench coat with a skirt, make sure your skirt is always shorter than your coat to keep a good balance in your outfit.
  • Saroual, bloomer or trellis pants, dresses and maxi skirts are not recommended to go with a trench coat. In some cases, you can create your own look, personal style by combining a long trench coat with a floral print, with an evening gown, keeping in mind that the dress must be monochrome
  • Combining a mid-length or long trench coat with a tailored skirt or trousers will instantly give you the image of a businesswoman. In this case, just make sure your skirt is shorter than your trench coat. If you wear a tailored jacket under your trench coat, also opt for a scarf or scarf to hide the lapels of your blazer or tailored jacket. This way, you will avoid the overlapping of collars and lapels.
  • Long trench coats are perfect with medium-length skirts that will highlight your slim, athletic legs. This association is even more resplendent with pastel or bright colors. These trench coats also go very well with tapered trousers that are very close to the body.
  • At the moment, mid-length denim trench coats are very trendy and resplendent combined with a white cotton dress. On the other hand, avoid wearing a denim trench coat with another piece of half-length denim. This association would be too suffocating.
  • Finally, the leather trench coat is the piece of a daring outfit. Just like the denim trench coat, it is not recommended to combine a leather coat with another garment of the same material. On the other hand, combining a leather trench coat with jeans will give you a remarkable and unique style!

Which Shoes To Wear With Your Trench Coat?

Many trench coat lovers find it difficult to find the best shoes to wear. In the end, this task is not as complicated as it seems, since almost every shoe style will fit your trench coat. The only exception is sneakers, which in some cases are only recommended to expert fashionistas.

With a short trench coat, it is advisable to wear high heels and avoid flat shoes which will visually shorten your legs. Conversely, a long trench coat combined with a pair of ballerinas will give you a very romantic look.

How To Accessorize a Trench Coat?

Accessorize your outfit correctly and you will be able to double the pep of your trench coat. Scarves or chiffon shawls romantically tied around the neck can create chic and unique looks, without forgetting to match the shade of the trench coat to its accessory. With a 1950s-inspired trench coat with flared hems, wear tone-on-tone gloves and you'll look even more elegant with a Borsalino or felt hat.

As for handbags or shoulder bags, they will go very well with your trench coat, whether it is short, medium or long. To subtly finish your look, add a classic watch and you're done!

Now that you're armed with all these tips for wearing trench coats, don't hesitate to embellish your wardrobe with this iconic and versatile piece. All you have to do is have fun testing and mixing all the possible combinations!

Happy Shopping!