How to Wear Red and Look Gorgeous?

Red is synonymous with passion and seduction. It is one of the most interesting, most captivating colors and it is also one of the most beautiful shades. Red can be elegant and classic, luxurious, and chic, but also delicate and dangerous. Both men and women love this color. However, not everyone dares to wear this color. It must be said that red does not flatter everyone in the same way. A rather capricious and dangerous color, red requires certain knowledge to be worn correctly. Della gives you some tips and tricks today to wear red with style.

Where, when, how... to wear red?

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Why does wearing red look daring?

Red acts as a magnet for looks. It captures the attention of those around us. So it takes a good dose of self-confidence to wear this color. That's why, if you want to wear red, you need to be absolutely certain that you have the perfect outfit. If your outfit is correctly chosen, balanced, and adapted to your morphology, you will gain in confidence.

The second reason that pushes women (like men) to flee this color is that its radiant tint accentuates skin imperfections (pimples, a false tan, scars...). Finally, a wrongly chosen shade of red can have a direct impact on your face and make you look bad. With all these arguments, it seems more than difficult to wear red clothes. Don't be discouraged! With these tips accessible to all, you'll finally know how to wear red and look surprisingly luminous.

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Where to wear red? For what occasion?


Red is an amazing color, perfect for a party, a date or a walk with friends. However, there are a few precautions to take when using it for business purposes. If you want to wear red to work, use it sparingly. For example, you can choose accessories in this shade to add a little color to formal workwear. You can opt for a belt, necklace, brooch... For a special event or if your company doesn't impose a strict color scheme, a red blazer or pencil skirt will make you look great.

How to wear red clothes?

The most important step in the look of your outfit is to find the shade of red that best suits you. The red you choose should add warmth to your look and should be in perfect harmony with your skin tone, eyes, and hair. It's a good idea to experiment with different shades of red. Stick to the one that makes you look powerful and sexy.

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How do I choose the perfect shade of red for me?

- If you have light blonde hair and light blue, green, or grey eyes, choose light red tones with a blue tint. You should avoid orange shades.

- Women with black or dark hair, black eyes, and/or a dark complexion are advised to choose dark, strong shades of red with a blue tone. They should avoid shades of orange.

- Women with red hair, golden skin, and eyes of any color will look amazing in orange-red. They should not be tempted by reds with blue tones.

- Blonde women should choose purple reds and red tones based on blue. Orange reds are not for them though.

- If you have dark brown or black hair and blue, green, or gray eyes, you will look terrible in wearing a bright, shiny red.

- Those with dark blond or brown hair and soft-colored eyes are advised to choose soft, discreet reds.

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How to incorporate red into your outfit?

Once you've chosen the best shade of red for you, you should know how to incorporate it by touch into your outfit. As we've seen, wearing red requires a good dose of self-confidence. If it's not in your nature, you can opt for red accessories, such as red shoes, a red belt, hat, gloves, purse, scarf or jewelry in that passionate color. Red lipstick or red varnish can also be excellent accessories for your neutral outfits.

What colors can you wear with your red clothes?


- Red and white, as well as red and black are some of the most classic color combinations that always work. However, no matter how complementary and harmonious these color combinations are, you won't be surprised if you choose such combinations. If you want to remain classic yet still be original, mix these three shades. You'll have a chic and unique style.

- For an interesting result, play with the colors composed of shades of red. For example, combine a red skirt with a fuchsia blouse. Vary the pleasures and wear a pale red blouse with a deep purple bottom. Coral can also give nice results when combined with the shine of pink... Give it a try!

- Get out of the classics and opt for bolder combinations, such as red and blue, red and beige...

- Red prints are fantastic too. Think about a blouse with red polka dots or stripes or a skirt printed with flowers so you don't take any chances.

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Red is a powerful color that gives the wearer a certain feeling of freedom, confidence, and sensuality. As you can see, opting for this bold shade is not that difficult and you don't have to exclude it from your wardrobe at all. It's time to be bold and trendy, so don't hesitate to wear red on your next outings.

Happy Shopping!