The Essential Clothes A Woman Must Have


If we want to convey to others who we are, our clothing is an excellent tool to use in the company. Of course, it is best to avoid short pants, sloppy tops, and shapeless clothing. You should also avoid wearing clothes that are too worn, too loose, or too close to the body. In general, if we dress and act as a socially responsible person, wishing to enhance the image of our company, we will be perceived as such. For this, your wardrobe is a valuable tool. Whether you want to make a good impression in a professional setting or on a less formal outing, certain clothes are indispensable. Della takes stock of these timeless basics and other clothes that are urgently needed in your women's wardrobe.

What are the classics and must-haves of a good wardrobe?

Jackets and Blazers

Whether for work or pleasure, a jacket like a blazer gives a finishing touch to an outfit and sends a message. It is our responsibility to ensure that this message is a positive one. At work, a black or grey blazer gives a serious, sophisticated and classy image. Black is the most versatile shade for a jacket, whether it is worn in the workplace or to affirm one's personal style.

Women's Black Tailored Jacket

Timeless style and sophisticated details are the signs of a quality piece to own in a wardrobe worthy of the name.
The navy blue blazer is also a safe choice for work. Combined with a shade of light brown or beige, you'll be perceived as confident, educated and healthy.


Women's Navy Blue Tailored Jacket

Beige is an ideal choice for someone who is considered too assertive. Indeed, this timeless shade creates an image of calm and elegance. Brown shades, especially brown, offer a friendly, convivial and accessible image. These shades also have the particularity of softening the colors with which they are associated. Smaller women will benefit from shades of red. Red is a great attention-getter and therefore a great way to get noticed. For family events, friendly events...the must-have items include the boyfriend jacket, a denim jacket and/or a leather jacket. Jeans dress dresses in a chic and casual look, while leather creates a more sophisticated look. Pair a boyfriend jacket with black denim or leather pants for a casual-chic look that will look like it's straight out of a fashion magazine! Choose the length of your jacket to enhance your silhouette. Quality counts! Don't forget the previous tips from Mademoiselle Grenade.

Skirts (pencil, trapeze-shaped...)

Choose your skirt with care. At work, short, flounced or sexy skirts will probably get you noticed in a very bad way. Wear darker, traditional colors in fabrics with good hold. A pencil or trapeze skirt in darker tones will be particularly flattering.

What skirt to wear at work?

At work and on more casual occasions, choose a skirt that will enhance you and suit your body type.


Pants (fitted, tapered...)

Pants must be adjusted to have an appropriate length for business attire. The models with clips will give the impression of a sophisticated outfit. Pants without clips will give a flattering, clean and versatile image. As for turn-up pants, they are perceived as more traditional.

Outside of work, black and khaki trousers offer many possibilities. Of course, jeans will be the best option for girlfriends to go shopping.


Which Color of Pants to Choose?

Black trousers are a must in a businesswoman's dressing room. They give power to your outfit and are versatile and flattering. Grey pants offer a more classic, refined and formal look for any situation. A beige model, elegant and sophisticated is essential in a wardrobe worthy of the name. Khaki pants, on the other hand, give the impression of a creative, casual and independent look.


The black dress: Chic and Timeless

If a dress was the only choice we had in our closet, it would have to be a little black dress. It's a timeless classic, very chic, as easy to wear as it is to live in. A few accessories are enough to create a multitude of looks with just one little black dress.

Happy Shopping!