What Color Should You Choose To Enhance Your Figure?

You want to check which colors will best enhance your silhouette whether you are small or large, thin or more rounded. All colors are allowed, black or dark shades will not be your only possible choice even if everyone agrees that they slim the silhouette and give you the immediate sensation of being 10cm/3ft taller. All colors can make up your wardrobe and give you what you expect to improve your appearance and give you that feeling of well-being in all circumstances.

How do you go about it? Harmonizing colors is the key to success. You wear a light skirt and a dark shirt: you will look smaller than you are. You reverse this choice by wearing a light color for your blouse and a dark color for the skirt and there you will have the feeling of having grown. The harmony of colors presents some difficulties and some shades are more difficult to reconcile. The mix of cold and warm colors should be very carefully considered according to your personal taste.

Depending on the desired effect, your choice will allow you to visually increase your silhouette in length or width or, on the contrary, to minimize what your eyes deserve to be reduced. The simplest combinations are sometimes the most successful. You want to innovate and change the trends in your wardrobe: the right mix of colors, materials and cuts is the key to success. Avoid complicating your outfit by combining shades and contrasts through choices that are too bold. Accessories will allow you to give that personal touch that makes your signature: belts, tights, jewelry.

How To Use Colors?

The basic principles for wearing colors:

  • Undeniably dark colors (black, brown, navy blue, purple, ...) make you look slimmer by reducing the volume of the silhouette, this is often the effect sought by those who have a round shape morphology.
  • If your hips are more pronounced than the upper part of your body and you want to blend them, you will opt for more discreet shades and the upper part will be much more colorful. The eyes will then look upwards and you will be very comfortable in this way. If you have a morphology in the shape of a pyramid this example is adapted to your research.
  • The colors are divided between "warm" and "cold" colors, their association must be well mastered to create a positive effect because it is a difficult exercise.
  • A choice of 3 colors is the most judicious if you do not want to complicate your search for a look adapted to all circumstances.
  • To avoid a boring or monotonous look, remember that the colors must be in harmony with the seasons: pastel or light shades for spring, white or ecru shades for summer, slightly darker autumn colors will precede the classic winter shades.

Season Colors: Wear The Ones Made For You!

Each type of woman has a specific palette that is inseparable from her physique and general appearance. We will also take into account her professional activity as well as her family environment to define it. The dream figure will be the meeting of several elements and color plays a central role. The color selected will take into account your personal characteristics such as skin colour, hair colour and even eye colour.

Spring Colors

Spring is a sign of renewal, everyone feels full of spirit and good mood. You have clear eyes, chestnut hair with coppery reflections, look for shades that are both warm and fresh at the same time.


Summer colors

It is the promise of being able to enjoy the sun as well as long evenings on the terrace. Cool colors or, on the contrary, more exuberant colors like buttercup, shades of blue will perfectly suit your dressing room.


Autumn colors

The trees lose their foliage, the undergrowth becomes covered with copper, golden, orange-based hues. These are warm colors that go perfectly well with those who have reddish hair, brown eyes and a light complexion.


Winter colors

Cooler colors with darker shades make their appearance in our wardrobes. If you have black or dark brown hair, matt skin, brown eyes, these different shades will make you look beautiful during this time of year when the days are getting shorter.

Happy Shopping With Della!