What Shoes to Wear with a Red Dress?

Red dresses are the most elegant and sexy you can wear. If it's for a particular date, or a holiday outfit, the eternal question often remains: what shoes should I wear with a red dress? It can seem risky, so it's important to make the right choice to get the perfect look and make your dress look its best. Don't panic, Della is here to help you and answer all your questions in detail!

What color of  shoes should I choose for a red dress?

Black Shoes with a Red Dress

One of the most classic choices and combine your red dress with black shoes. They will go with all colors of dresses and clothes. They allow your dress to stand out and become the center of attention, so a deep shade of red will be perfect with black shoes. Shoes should always follow the style of the dress. That's why, if you're going to a party where the costume is expected, opt for high-heeled sandals. While if you are wearing a more casual dress, you can choose another style of black shoes. Heeled boots can also look great with a casual dress.
Lady with formal red dress and black shoes


If black seems too simple to you, why not opt for metallic black or varnish? If you have a bright, shiny pair of black sandals, don't be afraid to pair them with your red dress!

Nude shoes with a red dress

The nude, flesh-colored shoes are also perfect for a red coat. With shoes of this color, your dress will really be the piece that you will see and it will give you a unique look. The nude is also very suitable for long legs. Remember to choose the shade closest to your skin to create the illusion that your legs will never end. Neutral tones look great with red but be careful with some tones that may be too pink for red.

Woman in red maxi dress with nude color shoes

White shoes with a red dress

Moreover, it is common to wear a red dress with white shoes, especially if the dress has white finishes. This is a good alternative with black or silver, which will be more suitable in winter (white is more summery!). Sometimes, white heels can seem risky, it all depends on the style of the shoes. If you're looking for a casual style, white sneakers will look fantastic with red!

Woman in red dress and white shoes

Golden shoes with a red dress

The sophistication of the golden colour combined with a pretty red dress can transform your look into a spectacular style. This combination is especially ideal for parties, gala dinners and other evening outings. To make sure you choose the right shade and style, avoid shades that are too flashy and don't wear accessories in the same tone. You can choose warm tones, sandals or stilettos...spartans will look fabulous too, especially in the summer.

Silver shoes with a red dress

To contrast, silver can also be combined with a red dress to shine and touch elegance. As with gold shoes, silver is perfect for parties and is a brilliant colour for your dress. Silver shoes will be at their best when combined with metallic jewellery in a similar shade. Although it may seem surprising, silver heels will balance your wardrobe. If you like to dress up for fancy parties, high heels will look fabulous with any dress.

Lady with red dress and silver shoes

Red shoes with a red dress?

Although some say otherwise, you can choose red shoes to match your red dress. In this case, it is very important to be careful to choose the same shade of red, as wearing two different shades can ruin your outfit. If you are determined for this total red look, be sure that this style remains minimalist. Personal tastes are of course subjective, but discreet and delicate shoes will always look fabulous!



Shoes in contrasting colors

When choosing your shoes to match your red dress, you can also opt for contrasting colors, if the occasion permits. For more informal events, you can combine a red dress with bright colors such as apple green or yellow. You can also choose royal blue or a darker navy blue. You too can opt for a pay with an animal motif. Not only your shoes should combine with your dress, but also the rest of your accessories.

One last tip to wear your red dress with elegance

Choose shoes that best suit your style, although wearing high heels will make your outfit stand out even more and give the impression of long legs.